Microsoft COFEE is being made available to individuals employed by law enforcement agencies within the United States and Canada. COFEE means the Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor tool that fits on a USB drive and automates the execution of commands for data extraction and related documentation. Distribution is limited to law enforcement agencies. Access to the COFEE product requires verification of employment with a law enforcement agency and agreement to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft/NW3C Sublicense Agreement.

The verification process is automated if you have an email account with RISS.NET or LEO.GOV, or have an account with NW3C. If you do not meet that criteria, you will have to submit an application through the manual verification process below.


Click for Microsoft FAQ Page On COFEE


Current RISS and LEO Members Only

NW3C Members Only

Please enter your RISS or LEO email address below: Username:

Alternate Method


The alternative verification method requires you to complete a short form that will be submitted to NW3C. A NW3C representative will contact you. Once verified, you will be given instructions on how to obtain your copy of COFEE.



New Version Notification


Periodically a newer version of COFEE will be made available. Please enter the email address you used in your original registration to check for the latest update.


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